As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc. - Advanced Projects

Techno-ATMM: Advanced Technology Materials & Manufacturing :


ATMM Monolith Projects

Space Technology

Comeau Aerospace Inc. - Ultimate Flying Machine Advanced Projects

Techno Co-development

Aero-structural Components - Research and Development Program;
Electrodynamic Experimental and Applied Research and Development;
Surface Engineering Research, surface coatings, integrated custom performance materials;

Aero-structural design engineering co-development and custom build projects;
Multi-physics supercomputing, mesh/grid generation, FEA, CFD;
Stealth technology: multi-signature research, thermal, acoustic, optical, electronic, multiiphase, multi-dimension;

Infrastructure : general and advanced research, manufacturing, production facilities;
Personnel Optimization: of intellectual property, capital and people;
Prototype and Production : custom build, applied and experimental R & D;

independent, co-development projects, OEM and retro-fit;
development, licensing, investment and acquisition options;
experimental, applied, prototype, super prototype and production;

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Techno co-development Business Combinations & OEM

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