As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc. - Space Technology Vision

Advanced Propulsion : electrodynamic technology, aether and photon engines;
Advanced Levitation : gravity field control dynamics, anti-gravity and mass reduction;
Advanced Energy Generation : ZPM zero point modules, perpetual motion energy machines;

Environment dynamics: Life support, air, water, temperature, atmospheric, food, energy;
Human Vitality: space suit, relaxation circuit, biofield revitalizer regeneration, health & independence;
electrodynamic shield, dust control, particle and energy field counter-measures;

Multi-axis gravity field within a zero gravity field and multiple connected gravity fields;
Space object detection, collision avoidance, observation, interception and intervention;
Energy, field and force projection technology, meta-physics;

Superconductors, capicitors, energy technology, magnetic;
high energy lasers

Let "X" be the variable, let the variable allow, enable, augment, create, provide…anything, including mind over matter…aum sweet aum…om sweet om…ascend to the next level…

Hmmmm interesting eh…Mr. Spaceman

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