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Techno - ATMM - Monolith Projects Vision

AGAEI-900 Advanced Technology Materials & Manufacturing Projects :
AGAEI-901 Monolith : Monolithe
AGAEI-902 Atlantis Project : Projet Atlantis
AGAEI-903 Crystal Generator, Crystal Lattice Structure Technology Projects :
AGAEI-904 Ring Technology Projects : Projets Technologie d’Anneau
AGAEI-905 Polygon : Polyèdre
AGAEI-906 Hexagon interlock :
AGAEI-907 Cylinder Projects :
AGAEI-908 Triangular Projects :
AGAEI-909 Spherical Projects :
AGAEI-910 Lenticular, Disc & Saucer Projects :
AGAEI-911 Segmented Components Projects :
AGAEI-912 Pyramid : Pyramide
AGAEI-913 Pyramid EXP :
AGAEI-914 Complex Geometry :
AGAEI-915 Interlock, auto & semi-auto assembly Projects :
AGAEI-916-Platonic solids or more complex geometry
AGAEI-917-Music of the spheres - art, science, math, geometry, frequency
AGAEI-918-Cosmic Octave - Acoustic, Vibratory & Light
AGAEI-919-Ancient, Present, Lost and Future Civilizations
AGAEI-920-Mars architecture revisited
AGAEI-921 Secret Vaults of Time
AGAEI-922 Knights of the Round Table & Avalon
AGAEI-923 Knights of the Monolith & Atlantis
AGAEI-924 Amorphous, Fluid and Fixed Dimension Shape Technology
AGAEI-925 Shape Technology and Meta-materials
AGAEI-926 Metaphysical Multi-dimensional Energy Field Generator Materialisation
AGAEI-927 Beam Technology, anti-plasma and anti particle beam technology materials
AGAEI-928 Atmosphere Materials Optimisation, 1,2,3 - water, air, space
AGAEI-929 Material phase shifting, material deconstruction and re-assembly
AGAEI-930 Poly Material technology, minerals, metals, meta-materials, fixed and variable characteristics
AGAEI-931 Architectural World, Planetary Pioneering, colonisation and establishment of civilization
AGAEI-932 Programs & unlimited variables : Symbol, glyph, language, command, environment, sequence,
AGAEI-933 Monolith unlock, decryption and command codes, Trustee Keys
AGAEI-934 Monolith Keys to midnight, soul groups and the transformation of consciousness
AGAEI-935 Black Knight, autonomous and remote dematerialisation and re-materialisation
AGAEI-936 Super-luminal and exponential particle wave driver, amplifier and control technology materials

non alpha numeric assigned class of projects…poly morphous lattice free outside the continuum
AGAEI-Metatron - bio-energy soul energy entity feedback, psychotronic, multi-dimensional astral array
AGAEI-Mecatron - ultra high speed build, multiple parts and systems integration and interpolation
AGAEI-Advanced Magnetic and Super Conductors : for people with a magnetic personality
AGAEI-Magnetosphere Shield Generator : deployable pre-emptive pro-active counter measures
AGAEI-Planetary Guardians : extreme mobilty monolithic counter-measures for planet risk management
AGAEI-Photon, Aether, classified and unknown mysterious energy systems materials technology
AGAEI-Super-luminal multi-phase technology spacecraft propulsion materials
AGAEI-Secrets of the Gods - some of them, not all of them

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This is a work in progress and there are a few rough edges, in a little bit of space time, I will have it down to a few thousands of an inch or so…