As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc. - Techno - ATMM Vision

Advanced Technology Materials & Manufacturing Vision

Advanced Technology Materials & Manufacturing :
products, integrated design engineering and production;

Material Processing Machinery :
minerals, metal, matrix, general and advanced materials;

Infrastructure : general and advanced manufacturing, production facilities;

Advanced Foundry : Monolith Projects : ultra cast super structure interlock;
Foundry Production: Patterns, Casting, Machining and assembly;
Space cast, space build, plantetary geo-material infrastructure

Prototype and Production : custom build, applied and experimental R & D;
Projects : general and advanced, OEM, Independent and co-development;
Tooling, fixtures, jigs, assembly;

Optimization of intellectual property, capital and people;
development, licensing, investment and acquisition options;
experimental, applied, prototype, super prototype and production;

Mecatronics : integrated As-Garde Machine and Mecatronics Inc.;
Products-Services: Enterprise, industry and consumer;
Advanced Aerospace and Marine technology, co-development and new projects;

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Techno Co-development Business Combinations & OEM


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