As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc. -

Techno Co-development Business Combinations & OEM

Battlegroup 301 Incorporporated
B301 Locomotive and Railroad Industry Infrastructure Program
The National Advanced Engine and Power Generation Program
Steam Locomotive Renaissance and Transformation

The pre-eminent locomotive vision :
The super power of traditional steam and the super power of advanced electrodynamics
Zero fuel advanced technology propulsion and energy
Dedicated for Canadian technology, products, services and people transportation
5,000 to 7,500 HP range, steam power that is…
Engineered and Made in Canada for Canada - solid quality family rated jobs and careers!
Optimized: general and strategic, advanced manufacturing, technology and materials
True values : power, dignity, stability, mobility and agility.
Character : The most powerful, durable, efficient, reliable and invincible locomotives in the world

B301 Ports Infrastructure and Marine Industry Development Program
Marine Industry & Technology
National ship building and naval development program
Surface and submarine vessels
Private yatch, commercial transport, national and civil defence

Integrated with:
AGAEI & NTPI-MHP : magneto-hydro-dynamic propulsion
AGAEI & NTPI-EP : over unity turbine generators, engines and propulsion
aka free energy, no fuel invoice or payment, freedom, independence…
AGAEI & NTPI : hypersonic cruise missiles - air, sea & ground launch logistics
AGAEI & NTPI : rocket systems & single stage to orbit, ICBM;

Electro-dynamic catapualt launch and arrested (quick stop) landings;
Defence technology cruise missile, aircraft, UAV/UCAV integrated projects;
Naval Vessel, Carrier, mobile infrastructure;
Emergency and auxiliary airport capabilities;
Defence Technology Rail Gun Projects, cannons, mini-guns & mobile weapons platform;
Scalar Weapons Systems;
Remote Mobile auto destruct EMP;
Gravity Wave & Anti-gravity field generator;
Multi-phase multi-dimensional transducer & field generator;
Directed Energy Projects active and counter-measures;
Anti-microwave transmitter weapon systems;
Anti-satellite weapon systems - ground and space launch;
Armour piercing rounds & rail gun;
Anti-swarm, anti-drone, anti UAV, anti UCAV;
Dam buster;
Game Over, Cosmic Joker, Wildcard,
The Plan of Salvation, Exopolitical & other Acts of God…

Comeau Aerospace Inc. - Ultimate Flying Machines and Advanced Projects;
independent, co-development projects, OEM and retro-fit
development, licensing, investment and acquisition options
experimental, applied, prototype, super prototype and production

Biofield revitalizer regenerator - Vibrational Medicine :
Optimisation of advanced super human performance techniques and technology in the world
on earth as it is in heaven…not only for space travel but also people on this planet too…

vehicle and technology integration and optimisation;
Defence Technology Projects and UFO research;

◆ Fortanium Advanced Materials Inc. :
◆ Fortanium Mining, Metals & Minerals Inc. :

and of course:
◆ As-Garde Machine & Mecatronics Inc.

hmmmm…interesting eh….anyone interested in ancient origins or the future that has already happened?

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