As-Garde Aerospace and Electrodynamics Inc. - Spacecraft

Spacecraft Series Summary -
This initial vision is under development and goes far into the future…

Arch Angel : Protector, Destroyer, Sphere of Destiny
Angel : Protector, Interceptor - pro-active and counter-measures;
Explorer : expedition and adventure, scientific missions;
Sentient : satellite, probe, telescope, telemetry, surveillance;
Chronos :
Programs of Destiny :
world engines : pro-life environment tools & machinery
disaster, cataclysm and bio-hazard counter-meaures & remediation

Galaxy : Galaxie
Galaxy Ark : Ark Galaxie - civilization survival logistics
Custom build, repair, retrofit advanced vehicles
Monolithic Ultimate Cast Integrated Interlock

Intergalactic : Intergaltique
multi-dimensional super-luminal vehicle proplusion

Geo -
Hyperborea : Hyper Sonic Transport, single stage to orbit, [CAI-825-MC]
Cartographics - terrain mapping, geo projects
Thermo-graphics - infrared satellite

King :
the Spear of Destiny
the Sceptre
The Holy Grail
the Castle : CAI-820 Castle
Druide Metafizzix : Wizard Metaphysics
Kingdom of Magic
Lord Chancellor
Philosophers Stone
Dux Bellorum : Dux Bellorum

Knight :
The Round Table
The Quantum Mirror
Fortress : CAI-821 Fortress
Ultimate Shield

CAI-UFM-Ultimate Flying Machine - Visionary, conventional, advanced and futuristic

Advanced Spacecraft Development, Space Technology and astronautics;

Techno Co-development Business Combinations & OEM

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