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Comeau Aerospace Inc. Utimate Flying Machine - Advanced Projects

Advanced Spacecraft Development, Space Technology and astronautics;

Integrated technology, design engineering et production;

by the extra-ordinary visionary…

This goes beyond typical conventional and advance aerospace technology with a magnitude of emphasis on advanced materials, manufacturing, assembly, multi-physics and some forms of amplified lifting and propulsion technologies, combined with the design elements envisioned with Comeau Aerospace Inc.

Every aircraft and spacecraft is purpose built for specific mission tasking capabilities.

Everything is part of a grand vision, integrated, bold, futuristic and possible. These projects will take a significant investment in time and resources, however, breaking down the aspects of materials, technology, manufacturing, resource acquisition, and the entire continuum, is a work in progress.

Let "X' represent the variable, allows for the unknown variable, individual creative imagination, synchronicity, providence, experimental and applied research and development, as aspects of possbility wave and probability curves of super achievement. Making effort not excuses and going forward in that direction that is envisioned is essential, empowering and offers the transformation of consciousness, understanding, capabilities, knowledge and even degrees of optimism and confidence in what is possible.

Evidently we need a more civilized advanced civilization emphasizing character building, ethics, morality, unity of purpose, a spirit of co-operation, life respecting, wisdom, righteousness, moral courage, famiy values, true values, with the resolution to succeed in an environment conducive to excellence, learning, growth, super-achievement, spiritual characteristics, with a constructive and optimistic outlook that is pro-active, visionary, challenging, rewarding and productive and one that utilizes a debt free economic system.

Additionaly, a vastly improved educational and training system with co-operative real world on the job training with opportunities for productive, challenging, creative and rewarding work. This requires individual personal responsability, self management, initiative, personal development dedicated to successful mission tasking and an awesome quality fo life.

not only that, there is more…the extra terrestrials or out of phase entities don't know everything…

Masters in our own house and destiny, ("maitre chez nous" - you may think that is french, but it is right out of the As-Garde continuum, masters of the UFO, but it's not a UFO because if we are the pilots, we know exactly what it is…the ultimate flying machine…

O Canada, We stand on guard for thee…eh?!

We stand on guard for Canada, our friends and our allies, a whole new definition of the unified field…that takes character, loyalty, moral courage…

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