As-Garde Machine and Mecatronics Inc.

Techno - en route and under construction
Tools & Machinery Development Program (CVI-SEG)
Woodworking Machinery (CVI-SEG-TMDP_W)
Construction Machinery (CVI-CG)
Metalworking Machinery (CVI-SEG-TMDP_M)
Material Processing Machinery: Mining, Minerals, Metal, misc.
Advanced Materials : technology, products, services, manufacturing
Foundry Production: Patterns, Casting, Machining & assembly
Mecatronics : mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic
Products-Services: Enterprise, industry and consumer
Projects : general and advanced, Independent and co-development projects
Computers & Communication : machinery, equipment & technology
As-Garde Machine and Mecatroniques Inc. & Crypto Magique Inc.
Energy & Utilities
Transportation: Aerospace, Marine, Rail & Automotive
Defence Technology
Prototype & Production : custom build, applied and experimental R & D
Gadget : technology, machine & mecatronic development and production
Infrastructure : general and advanced projects, manufacturing facilities
Personnel : trades, consulting, sub-contract, recruiting, referral, resource base
Environment & Health
Outdoor & Adventure

strategic, operational and tactical advantage

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Enterprise - Sentinel :

As-Garde Machine and Mecatroniques Inc. & Crypto Magique Inc.