As-Garde Machine and Mecatroniques Inc.
The Pro-active research & development vision

Outdoor & Adventure - practical and pro-active vision at work

under development with:

Battlegroup 301 Inc. Adventure Equipment Co-operative Association

Adventure Equipment Co-operative : Expedition - Mountaineering - Sport - Survival - Camping - Hunting & Fishing
camoflage & thermal proof clothes, microwave proof clothes and textiles;
Textiles : clothes, tents, tarps and outdoor equipment and gear;
rock climbing gear, back backs, tents, sleeping bags, clothes, custom boots;
alpine & cross country ski, snow shoes, dog sleds, tobagans & more;
hemp industry textiles, rope for boating and rock climbing;

private member benefits, own, vote, control, edit, advise, consult, test, promote
the ultimate in built in asset protection, risk management and accountability;

Made in Canada pure wool hats, clothes and more
en route (women can join the national network of knitters)
en route national association of wool producers, weavers, knitters and textiles